Cardiff and Vale Regional Outcomes Framework

Increasing time for people to live their lives 

This System Level Outcome is about understanding and avoiding the time that the system wastes for citizens. It includes delays for receiving support, making people go through unnecessary hoops and generally leaving them too long in limbo, for example waiting to be discharged from care back to their own homes. 

Increased living well in their own home and community 

This System Level Outcome is about understanding and ensuring citizens are able to spend as much of their lives well and at home, or at least living in the community rather in institutions, and as independently as possible. It covers general health, safety, security and positive relationships with family and friends. People are healthy, stay well, make positive choices easily, and remain connected. It’s also about the amount of the citizens lives that they are living in their normal home and in their normal community. It includes, for example, ‘admission avoidance’, supporting people to gain or regain daily living skills lost from ill-health and also, that when support is provided, it can be local to the citizen as much as possible. In their last 1000 days, people have the best end to their life. 

Note: that this System Level Outcome could also cover ensuring that the environment in which Citizens live their lives is the best that it can be. Environment incudes the physical environment for mental and physical well-being, but also the infrastructure of care and support in which people can interact. 

Improved environment that enables people’s choices 

This System Level Outcome is about ensuring that citizens know and understand what care, support and opportunities are available and act on those choices to help themselves achieve well-being. It includes making it easier for citizens to get information about their problems and the support options available to them, including the assets in the local community (and ensuring there are assets in the local community). Citizens can then choose easily and can act upon those choices. This also implies an increased prioritisation of prevention, early intervention, planned support and a reduction in reactive support.  

More empowered workforce 

This System Level Outcome is about ensuring that citizens and their families receive more excellent care and support from staff who are more fully trained and more engaged. It includes the right facilities, tools to do the job, staffing levels, leadership and (joined up) integration of services, a simple system, common concepts on risk, ‘dissolving service boundaries and developing a culture and values that span professional and organisational boundaries’. There is also an aspect of the capability of the workforce, and increased authorisation levels (to reduce delays due to escalated / remote decision making) – “We trust and enable staff to do the right things at the right time and pace for people, to make ‘it’ better.” 

Better start for children and young people 

This System Level Outcome is about Cardiff & Vale being better places for children and young people (and their families) to grow up and live, including emotional, health and environmental well-being and safety. It includes the ‘First 1000 days’. The focus is addressing those most vulnerable, those with complex needs, with disabilities and those at most risk. The aim includes reducing the numbers of children not in education, children in the criminal justice system, children not living with their usual family or permanent attachments. 

People get a safe response when in urgent need 

This System Level Outcome is about being responsive to citizens when they need support, including crises ‘around the clock’. It includes decreasing delays to the provision of support, decreasing the frequency of adverse events that require emergency interventions and quicker decision making – at the right time and pace for the needs of the citizen. 

Decreased avoidable harm or mortality 

This System Level Outcome is about preventing the ‘system’ causing harm to citizens. The focus is on preventing or reducing physical and mental harms that can be experienced by patients/citizens. 

Reduced wasted system resource 

This System Level Outcome is about ensuring that the resources of the system are used efficiently by reducing or eliminating any unnecessary work, including avoiding taking citizens along unnecessary pathways, eliminating the causes of rework and duplication in the system, such as mistakes, lost information, repeating procedures already undertaken by other providers, avoidable readmissions / return for the same service, or involving citizens in processes that give them no benefit. 

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