Smart House


The RPB has supported a complete overhaul of two houses in home young adults with a learning disability and associated conditions.

The house will use the latest voice and movement activation technologies to help the residents move into independent living.


The relationship with Innovate Trust will lead to the project being evaluated by Cardiff University.  Research will be carried out by the Psychology Department on how IOT devices contribute to improved independence & wellbeing and assess the benefits of voice and gesture activated devices. The University of South Wales is also involved through design and technology students.

Smart Hub wiring will mean blinds, lighting, TVs can be voice-controlled. Innovate Trust staff have acted as consultants on the installation. This is the first centre of its kind in the Vale of Glamorgan to use Smart technology from its creation.

Linda Woodley- Operational Manager for Learning Disability Services, Vale of Glamorgan Council, explained:

“The grant has meant we can invest and utilise the most innovative equipment out there. It fills a gap in our service delivery and assists people with learning disabilities to live independently and remain in their local communities.  

“We hope this model will become an example of innovative practice and shared more widely within the social care sector to benefit people with complex needs and their carers. Continuity of service is important, and we hope that people with disabilities will be able to leave school and come straight to us.  

“Using SMART devices leads people with learning disabilities to have greater control over their living environments such as controlling heating, lighting and security.  Health applications can also help manage medical care via screens.”

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Smart House


The RPB has supported a complete overhaul of two houses in home young adults with a learning disability and associated conditions.

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Our Priorities


We want every child in Cardiff and Vale to have the opportunity to thrive. Our work focuses on children in vulnerable situations and the services that support them.


We know how hard it can be to find help when people need it the most. We want to make sure there is community support to help people stay as healthy as possible so they can carry on doing the things that matter most to them.


As a Partnership we have worked together with people with a learning disability, their families, carers and the third and independent sector to produce a clear direction for the planning and delivery of adult learning disability services across the region over the next five years.

Case Studies

Alison Law 

   Improvement and Development Manager, Joint Commissioning 

  • Project management across the partnership to enable the alignment and joint commissioning of services, which includes shaping the market, regional commissioning strategies, contracting and quality assurance.
  • Programme manager for ICF Capital fund 

Meredith Gardiner 

Job Title

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