Dementia Learning and Development Team – New Positive Approaches to Care (PAC) Trainers 

The Dementia Learning and Development team would like to introduce you to our new Positive Approaches to Care (PAC) Trainers. 

PAC trainers aim to: 

  • Help others see care from the perspective of those living with dementia 
  • Connect learners to the theory of brain change and understand how people living with dementia can be enabled to live well. 
  • Introduce and connect learners to PAC skills and support them to understand how these can support and enable relationship centred care. 
  • Build the skills to truly value and enable everyone’s contribution. 

There are now five PAC trainers, two PAC coaches and one PAC consultant working across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to support the dementia work across the partnership. 

Whoever you are you, if you want to understand more about living with dementia, caring for someone with dementia or becoming a dementia friend, please contact the Dementia Learning and Development Team at [email protected]

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