NHS Health Checks Survey

The NHS in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan wants to find out what is happening with health checks.  

Health checks help your doctor to find out if people with learning disabilities have any health problems they need help with.  

It is a good way of helping people to stay healthy.  

Doctors are paid to do health checks for people with learning disabilities, but we know that there are lots of people who still haven’t had a heath check.  

We have written these questions to help us find out: 

  • about the good things that are happening  
  • if things need to change  
  • what help family doctors and staff need so that people with learning disabilities can use services better. These changes are called reasonable adjustments.  

There are 5 questions. There is room under each question if you want to write about it.

The survey closes on 23 September 2022

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