Find out how Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board are building a database to share information and shine a light on what is happening across our region.

What is the Cardiff and Vale Regional Outcomes Framework?

The Cardiff and Vale Regional Outcomes Framework (ROF) is a resource that sets out the key goal, principles and values, strategic aims and eight outcomes of the Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board (RPB).

Each outcome is underpinned by a set of indicators as a way of understanding the direction of travel.

Each indicator draws on data from a range of sectors, organisations and services as a way of measuring the direction of travel of each outcome.  

Any data included is in the form of anonymised data tables and charts.

Initially, a small amount of historic data will be included and short ‘trends’ may be visible. This will build over time and be critical in helping to understand if any change has occurred.

What is the purpose of the ROF?

The ROF has a number of key purposes:

  1. It helps partners clearly see the priorities of the RPB.
  2. It provides a mechanism for gathering data from various health and social care organisations and sectors to give visibility to the impact of the total health and social care ‘system’ on Cardiff and Vale citizens.
  3. The information will assist the RPB in identifying their commissioning priorities. Any organisation with an interest in improving health and wellbeing in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan can also use the ROF data to inform their own priorities and use of resources.
  4. Whole sectors and individual organisations or services can use the information to help understand and demonstrate their own contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of people in the region.  

How will the ROF be used?

The ROF and the anonymised data that sits behind it will be held online on a password protected website. This is to enable quick, easy and safe access.

How can I gain access?

If you are involved with improving health and wellbeing in Cardiff and Vale you can access this wealth of information by contacting us for access. It will be useful for everyone involved in services: from planning to evaluation. To apply for a password contact [email protected].

Who do I contact with any questions or concerns?

We’d love to hear how you are using the ROF. If you have any feedback, queries or concerns please let us know by emailing [email protected].

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