Carol’s Story


Carol’s Story

Carol suffered from debilitating anxiety and described herself as having low confidence, low self-esteem and being so extremely isolated as she almost never left the house. After being told about the Wellbeing Café by a relative, she began attending sessions.

“I suffer with anxiety so leaving and going through a doorway can trigger me, but I knew that I needed to go because I have younger children and I chose [the Wellbeing Café] rather than anything else because people said it would be alright.”

The Café provided Carol with a space where she could spend time with other people and get involved in art and craft activities, which held a strong appeal. Although she felt the need for a relative to accompany her for the first two weeks, by the third week she was confident enough to go alone.

“It was like being at home but with people who could understand, who didn’t have questions, who just accepted me for who I am, but also wanted to get on with art.”

Despite the challenges of lockdown, she continued intermittently to attend the online Wellbeing Café sessions and the Time for You art sessions. “I make more of an effort now. I communicate with my best friend and we see each other a lot more now and that is due to Wellbeing.”

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