Lived Experience

Involving People with Lived Experience

People with lived experience can offer a unique perspective on our health and social care services based on real experience. They can tell us first hand what it is like to experience a certain issue or service.

Spreading Good Practice

Stacey and Joanna’s Story

Tinesha’s Story

Mike’s Story

The Hub produced this film to tell the story of Stacey and Joanna, two inspiring people with a learning disability, who were employed by learning disability services. It highlights the benefits employing people with lived experience can have to both the individuals employed and the services they are employed into.

The production and spread of this film has secured future funding and security for the individuals and their positions and it has increased appetite across the health and social care sector for similar roles to help shape our future services.

See our guide below for more information regarding the recruitment process and how to develop lived experience roles.

The Hub worked with Enfys, a psychology and occupational therapy team that work with children and young people who are looked after, adopted, and on the edge of care, to capture the lived experience of one young girl growing up in a transracial foster placement.

This insightful film aims to addresses the historical challenges she has experienced and showcases how those challenges can be overcome.

Enfys are now using Tinesha’s experiences as a learning tool to inform future services and practices and understand how our young people can be supported going forwards.

The work supports a wider piece of published research looking at young people’s experiences of living in transracial foster placements.

Mike is one of two unpaid carers representatives on Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board. He shared his experience of the role, its challenges and what he hopes to see in the future of our health and social care system.

RIC Hub Guides

Drawing upon existing resources and literature, the Hub has pulled together an easy guide to help navigate common challenges, barriers and enablers of employing people with lived experience. The guide contains advice on good practice and how to develop lived experience roles. It also builds on the film above by highlighting the recruitment process behind Joanna and Stacey’s role as an example of good practice.  

Engaging with people with lived experience can have a positive impact on the work that we do and can inform changes to services and the way we work. To do so meaningfully, it’s important to understand what works well, what the challenges and barriers might be and how to overcome them. The Hub has created a guide to give you a place to start. 


In this newsletter, the Hub shares best practice of how services in our region have used lived experience as an asset from a variety of perspectives and provide further information to help incorporate lived experience into health and social care.

Our Priorities


We want every child in Cardiff and Vale to have the opportunity to thrive. Our work focuses on children in vulnerable situations and the services that support them.


We know how hard it can be to find help when people need it the most. We want to make sure there is community support to help people stay as healthy as possible so they can carry on doing the things that matter most to them.


As a Partnership we have worked together with people with a learning disability, their families, carers and the third and independent sector to produce a clear direction for the planning and delivery of adult learning disability services across the region over the next five years.

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