Making sure Cardiff and Vale have services that suit peoples’ needs now and into the future

We assess what people living in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan need now and in the future in the Population Needs Assessment. Alongside this work we consider what is available in terms of support and care services.

We assess whether there will be sufficient services in the future to meet the demand we have identified. We publish a Market Stability Report that highlights whether there will be challenges and what needs to be done to address them.

The Regional Commissioning Board works to:​ Review and analyse the services we have and where they are.​

  • Identify what services are needed.​
  • Shape/support the market to meet people’s needs.​
  • Review and repeat these steps

In 2023/24 Partners undertook a review to identify changes since the original publication of the MSR. Market supply, commissioning intentions and citizen needs have changed in both local authority areas. The following documents should be considered by anyone using the Market Stability Report for planning purposes.

Joint Commissioning & Pooled Budgets  

In order to ensure people get seamless services, health and social care services are increasingly working together to commission services. This includes pooling their budgets to make sure that this is not a barrier to delivering integrated care. The RPB works with the National Commissioning Board to help support partners to do this.  

There are regulations in place that require the establishment of pooled funds in relation to:  

  • The exercise of family support functions;  
  • Functions that will be exercised jointly as a result of the Population Assessment carried out under section 14 of the Act, or any plan prepared under section 14a;  
  • The exercise of care home accommodation functions.   

For further information on the requirements, please read:  Part 9 Statutory Guidance (Partnership Arrangements).  

Cost of care &
fee setting

We have worked with Cardiff Council, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and private providers of care and support services to understand how much it costs to deliver care in people’s own homes and care homes. This programme of work will help make sure that care services are funded at a sustainable level and assure their long term viability.

Our Priorities


We want every child in Cardiff and Vale to have the opportunity to thrive. Our work focuses on children in vulnerable situations and the services that support them.


We know how hard it can be to find help when people need it the most. We want to make sure there is community support to help people stay as healthy as possible so they can carry on doing the things that matter most to them.


As a Partnership we have worked together with people with a learning disability, their families, carers and the third and independent sector to produce a clear direction for the planning and delivery of adult learning disability services across the region over the next five years.

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