RPB Communications and Engagement Highlights

The Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board is delighted to share some of our communications and engagement highlights of 2022-23.

We have had a busy year that included publishing our Population Needs Assessment, Social Value Triennial Report and Market Stability Report, and ended with undertaking the engagement that underpins the Area Plan.

Area Plan Engagement

Impact and partnership

At the heart of all our communications is a focus on how we are working together to improve the outcomes for people in our region.

These films demonstrate how Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board and Glamorgan Voluntary Services (GVS) worked together to provide small grants to invest in capital. Rather than focus on the items that were purchased, we wanted to highlight the positive and ongoing difference they have made to people.

The Intermediate Care Fund (ICF) was created Welsh Government and enabled us to fund this work. The ICF focusses on prevention, early intervention, integrated care and support services and provision of alternative delivery models.

Women Connect First received funding for computers and equipment to help their members stay in touch and do activities during the pandemic. They are still used to this day. This short film shows the impact they have had on people’s lives.
Moss Rose Cottage received funding for a range of equipment to help get them set up, for example, tables, chairs, a snooker table, arts supplies, printers and cooking equipment. This short film explains the impact this has had on the lives of people of working age with ‘invisible’ barriers such as brain injuries, post viral syndrome, low level mental health issues and other chronic conditions.

Feedback: “My first day back today and I literally wept (Good job I’m not dramatic!) at this beautiful film. Thank you all so very much.”

Motion Control Dance received funding for a computer that has allowed them to stay in touch with people and promote their classes. This short film explains the impact this has had on the lives of people across our region.


We continued to meet and develop our Engagement Community of Practice. This is a platform where practitioners carrying out engagement work in Cardiff and the Vale can easily share resources. It was co-designed by practitioners (supported by C3SC & ProMo-Cymru) with the aim to establish a common, joined up approach to engagement that will increase the range of voices heard. It was built in a response to engaging with citizens and practitioners across the region.

We also meet as a group and this year have benefitted from the expert advice and knowledge of Nick Duffin from the Consultation Institute. We used this to create an engagement template to support legally compliant engagement.

My Voice Matters

We asked people what ageing well meant to them. Their responses were recorded in this film.

Feedback: “This is fantastic, a true reflection of the current situation without it being too glum, just realistic. I am so glad we could be a part of this, it is so important for these voices to be heard. Well done, a vital piece of work for all of us.”

We have commissioned Promo Cymru to coproduce films featuring the voices of children and young people and people with learning disabilities. These will be shared once they are finalised.

Watch members of Hijinx Theatre Group discuss what rights are most important to them. The animated portraits were created with participants in a workshop led by Jon Ratigan and Emma Prentice.

This film shows the best way to find out what matters most to people is to ask them. We use this approach to inform the support and services we provide.

We commissioned Age Cymru to find out how older people in our region want to find out about and get involved in our work. We learnt:

  • The best ways to communicate are word of mouth, GP notice boards and other community settings, via third sector, local papers/radio;
  • The best ways to engage is face to face in local groups in the community and via trusted intermediaries;
  • Social media is not used regularly by many participants and is not a trusted source of information;
  • People find some health and care information hard to understand;
  • There is a lack of awareness about RPB, but people are keen to learn more.

RPB Participation Site

We have invested in a Participation Site that can be used by our partners to support their engagement. It has enabled partners to set up a number of public and private groups, including:

Since the launch in November 2022 we have had nearly 3,000 visits:

2,100 Aware

An aware visitor, or a visitor that we consider to be ‘aware’, has made at least one single visit to your site or project. Our methodology suggests that a visitor who has not taken any further action, that means has not clicked on anything, can be considered to be aware that the project or site exists.

Aware visitors will have visited at least one page.

702 Informed

An informed visitor has taken the ‘next step’ from being aware and clicked on something. That might be another project, a news article, a photo, etc. We now consider the visitor to be informed about the project or site. This is done because a click suggests interest in the project.

526 Engaged

Every visitor that contributes to a tool is considered to be ‘engaged’.

Engaged and informed are subsets of aware. That means that every engaged visitor is also always informed and aware. In other words, a visitor cannot be engaged without also being informed and aware. At the same time, an informed visitor is also always aware.

Supporting our partners

We have supported our partners in communicating the key messages they have identified. These films focus on work that partners identified as needing to be highlighted, but also emphasise partnership working and the impact they have had:

Early Help and the Families First Advice Line can talk to people in Vale of Glamorgan about all aspects of life and offer information, advice and support on topics such as family life, behaviour, school attendance and parental support.

Feedback: “Thank you for sending through the links for the film – we are really chuffed with how it turned out and we will definitely be showcasing the work we do.

Digital Solutions provides simple and accessible technology that is designed to improve quality of life for people living across Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan local authorities.

Feedback: “Thank you for putting together the video. It’s brilliant! Really appreciate your support it really makes it easy for people to understand the journey and process.”

The Cardiff and Vale Carers Gateway provides information and support to unpaid carers. They improve the quality of life for carers and the cared-for in our locality and help carers to make the most of their life alongside their caring role and to maintain their independence.

We have also been piloting investing in advertising and design alongside some of our key work. As a result of feedback on the Unpaid Carers Charter, we also promoted the Carers Gateway though:

Capital FM – Cardiff and Vale only
Individual people reached: 128,038 people heard the adverts over 4 times on average. Approximately 574,000 listens in total.

Bro Radio
The Vale’s premier community station reaches over 20,000 people every week with its programming. Our adverts ran for four weeks.

36,612 individuals were reached with the campaign, each hearing the adverts 1.45 times on average. 107 people clicked on the ads.

Pharmacy Bags
30,000 bags distributed to 30 pharmacies across Cardiff and the Vale

Meta – the first campaign reached slightly higher numbers but had a lower click-through rate (CTR). This is likely because the first campaign was learning who the right audience was, once it had done so it applied this learning to the second burst where fewer people were reached but, as the CTR demonstrates, these people were the right people so more of them clicked through.
Burst One – December-January:
Reach: 38,824 Impressions: 130,129 Clicks: 1,473 Clicks to unique reach rate: 3.80% (very strong as the benchmark is 0.9%)
Burst Two – February:
Reach: 20,680 Impressions: 61,933 Clicks: 962 Clicks to unique reach rate: 4.65%

Launch of the Cardiff and Vale Unpaid Carers Charter

Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board launched the Cardiff and Vale Unpaid Carers Charter the Temple of Peace, Cardiff on 24 March 2023, which has been adopted by Cardiff Council, the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

The Charter recognises and celebrates the vital contribution that unpaid carers make to the people they care for and to our communities as a whole. It sets out commitments that will ensure that unpaid carers are recognised and partners support the highest quality of life possible for unpaid carers and the people they care for.

Shared publicity for recruitment

The Intermediate Care Board raised significant concerns about their struggles to recruit suitably qualified people to a range of roles.

We supported them in promoting available roles and launched an advertising campaign encouraging people to apply for roles that help people in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to avoid unnecessary hospital stays by providing care and support in homes and the community.

This campaign is ongoing and will feature television, radio, social media, bus sides and a billboard in the city centre over the Six Nations that we were offered free of charge.

Accessible information and storytelling

Our approach is to provide simple and clear information, especially where the information we are trying to do communicate is complex. These films show two ways we have done this.

Digital Care Region

Currently, portions of a citizens health or social care record are scattered across more than 150 different electronic record systems maintained by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff Council, Vale of Glamorgan Council and the third sector. Our aim is is to work in partnership to allow care record to be readily and suitably available to the right care professionals, at the right time, through means which they define. This will mean that health and social care staff can view a more holistic care record in regards to every person they see, leading to the provision of better informed care.

Regional Outcomes Framework

Here we use the story of Mary to show how Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board are building a database to share information and shine a light on what is happening across our region.

The film explains how the database can be used to inform decisions, point where to explore further and monitor the impact of work.

Specific events

We have been able to support partners in celebrating specific events including the fifth anniversary of the Integrated Autism Service and Elf Day, which raised awareness of dementia services.

Integrated Autism Service

The Cardiff and Vale Integrated Autism Service (IAS) celebrating five years of supporting autistic adults and their carers in our region. They offer diagnostic and support services and work with mainstream services to increase their skills and knowledge in working with autistic people.

Read more about their celebrations

HOSPES installation at Capel i Bawb

Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board were delighted that the Arts for Health and Wellbeing Team chose Capel i Bawb in Cardiff Royal Infirmary for the ‘HOSPES’ installation. ‘HOSPES’ was an immersive, site-specific installation and online portal created by award-winning composer & multimedia artist John Meirion Rea, in collaboration with cinematographer and photographer, Huw Talfryn Walters.

Elf Takeover for dementia

On Elf Day, the Elves took over our social media accounts letting people know key facts about dementia. They could also be found across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan sharing information and encouraging people to be dementia friends.

They visited the University Hospital of Wales to encourage people to find out more using a Christmas card with key information and links.

The Elves raised £368.65 for the Alzheimer’s Society and gave out 250 cards to people and stickers for the children in Noah’s Ark.

Thank you

We would like to thank the partnership for the support, enthusiasm and generosity in giving their time to make our communications and engagement a success this year.

Please contact Kate Hughes, Senior Communications and Engagement Officer, for the RPB at [email protected] for any further information.

Our Priorities


We want every child in Cardiff and Vale to have the opportunity to thrive. Our work focuses on children in vulnerable situations and the services that support them.


We know how hard it can be to find help when people need it the most. We want to make sure there is community support to help people stay as healthy as possible so they can carry on doing the things that matter most to them.


As a Partnership we have worked together with people with a learning disability, their families, carers and the third and independent sector to produce a clear direction for the planning and delivery of adult learning disability services across the region over the next five years.

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