@Home: What is our approach?

The programme will…

  • Deliver a new model of joined-up care and support across NHS, councils, third sector services and local community networks.
  • Provide a model of support that’s designed around you, your family and support network.
  • Enable more people to retain their independence through care and support delivered at home or closer to home.
  • Adopt an alliance approach where health, care, and third sector staff act, think, behave, and make decisions as one, working more closely together and aligning their strengths and resources to the outcomes you are aiming to achieve.

This will enable us to develop a model of care and support that enables people to… 

  • Stay independent, safe and well at home for as long as possible
  • Have the opportunity to recover and maximise their independence
  • Stay connected with what and who matters to them
  • Have easy access to information, advice and guidance to be able to take control
  • Be able to live as independently as possible for as long as possible
  • Have access to support that. where possible. anticipates and avoids crises
  • Helps people get home from hospital as soon as possible with the right support

In a way that is financially sustainable for all our partners.

We will deliver this programme with the following principles…

  • We will start with the person’s needs in mind, not the organisation’s
  • We will adopt a consistent approach across the region that reflects of the needs of the local population
  • We will do no harm and always aim to balance the risks and benefits with what matters to people
  • We will take a strengths-based approach
  • We believe that most of the solutions lie with the person, their community and where they live
  • We will only intervene when necessarily and it will be guided by what matters to the person
  • We will constantly challenge ourselves as to whether we are doing our best for the person
  • We will be ambitious in dissolving the organisational boundaries people experience

Our Priorities


We want every child in Cardiff and Vale to have the opportunity to thrive. Our work focuses on children in vulnerable situations and the services that support them.


We know how hard it can be to find help when people need it the most. We want to make sure there is community support to help people stay as healthy as possible so they can carry on doing the things that matter most to them.


As a Partnership we have worked together with people with a learning disability, their families, carers and the third and independent sector to produce a clear direction for the planning and delivery of adult learning disability services across the region over the next five years.

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