Health and care facilities in the heart of communities  

Through the @Home programme, we want health and care services to be delivered as close to your home as possible, helping you save time and money, and helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint. To achieve this, the NHS has developed an ambitious plan to build new healthcare facilities in communities across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. This plan is being developed in close consultation with the Welsh Government, which supports the aims of the programme and which will largely be responsible for approving the funding for the new facilities.  

The intention of the plan is to develop facilities that can deliver health and care services, but which also provide new, flexible space for third sector organisations and community groups to use to help promote wellbeing and healthier lifestyles.  

Hospitals will remain an extremely important part of the delivery of NHS services in the region, including Emergency services, operations, inpatient stays, and some outpatient appointments, but we will aim to provide as much of your care as close to home as possible. 

There are plans for two types of new facilities, larger Health & Wellbeing Centres and smaller Wellbeing Hubs:  

Health & Wellbeing Centres will feature a clinical approach to care and provide: 

  • Support if you are unwell but your condition is stable. 
  • A range of diagnostic tests, such as x-rays and scanning. 
  • Ambulatory care for specific conditions that don’t require emergency treatment. 
  • Outpatient services and clinics. 
  • A range of additional services that support your specific needs, including reablement, mental health, and children’s services. 
  • Additional services that are tailored to the needs of the local area.  

Wellbeing Hubs will be smaller, more community focused facilities that still provide a range of health and care services that will support the principle of care being delivered closer to home.  

They will provide:

  • Services that promote prevention and wellness and support physical, social and mental wellbeing. 
  • GP services, community health clinics, community midwifery, some mental health services, and specific outpatient services that meet community needs. 
  • Services delivered in partnership with local authorities and the third sector. 
  • A welcoming environment to all that nurtures a strong community spirit.  
  • Additional services that are tailored to meet the needs of the local area. 

The development of the new facilities will take a number of years and, subject to funding approval, will take place over the next 10 years. You can already see some of the progress in new facilities in the region at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary, which has seen a major redevelopment of the chapel into a café and community space, and the Wellbeing Hub development at Maelfa. 

Our Priorities


We want every child in Cardiff and Vale to have the opportunity to thrive. Our work focuses on children in vulnerable situations and the services that support them.


We know how hard it can be to find help when people need it the most. We want to make sure there is community support to help people stay as healthy as possible so they can carry on doing the things that matter most to them.


As a Partnership we have worked together with people with a learning disability, their families, carers and the third and independent sector to produce a clear direction for the planning and delivery of adult learning disability services across the region over the next five years.

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