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Quality Services, Delivering What Matters

This policy is a regional approach to quality assurance and escalating concerns processes which will evolve, assessing lessons learned following each use, seeking better ways to provide support to services with quality and / or safety concerns in order to prevent formal contract management procedures.  

Following each use the lessons learned log will be updated by the statutory partner who oversees the process. The Regional Commissioning Board will monitor ongoing learning and, when required, escalate a trigger to review and update the policy.  

Learning Resources

Introducing Quality Services, Delivering What Matters

Quality Services, Delivering what Matters Policy:


Appendix 1 Legislative Context  
Appendix 2 Memorandum of Understanding – Sharing of Non -Personal Information  (Including Monitoring reports) Related to the Care and Support Services for Children, Young People and Adults
Appendix 3  Data Protection Disclaimer and Escalating Concerns Professionals Agenda Template 
Appendix 4 Risk Matrix Decision Tool 
Appendix 5 Service Provider Action Plan Template
Appendix 6 DAP / CAP Template 
Appendix 7 JQMM Terms of Reference 
Appendix 8 Professionals Escalating Concerns Meeting Terms of Reference
Appendix 9 Aide Memoire Professionals Meeting Guidance
Appendix 10 Professionals Feedback Form
Appendix 11 Stakeholder Notification Letter Template Prior to Provider Communication 
Appendix 12 Stakeholder Notification Letter Template Following Communication with Provider 
Appendix 13 Provider Letter template Invitation to Attend Escalating Concerns Meeting 
Appendix 14 Provider Escalating Concerns Meeting Agenda Template 
Appendix 15 Provider Letter Template Confirming Escalating Concerns Status and Requirement Action Plan
Appendix 16 Provider Letter template Notifying of End of Escalating Concerns Process 
Appendix 17 Commissioning Network Notification Template 
Appendix 18 Process Map – Responding to Concerns in Care Homes 
Appendix 19 Service Closure Checklist  
Appendix 20 Service Operations support Group responsibilities Checklist
Reference Documents 4C’s process map 

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